Solar Products

Solar Products

Pico Solar PV system ranging from 3wp up to 9.9wp for lighting to powering radio and Solar Home System ranging between 10wp and 350wp for lighting, charging to powering TV

High Efficiency Solar Products for households

Solar systems that can offer a variety of services ranging from lighting and simple charging  to Solar home systems that can provide other services such as cooling of drinks, running television, and other energy options like hairdressing using an electronic razor.

Type: Solar Product

Solar Products from Grean

Pico solar PV systems

Ranges from 3wp up to 9.9wp
Two lighting point with minimum of 200lx each
Mobile Charging

Solar Home System

Ranges between 10wp and 350wp
At least two lighting point/lumps with minimum of 200lx each
Mobile Charging
Can power TV (optional)


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